Bass guitar lessons

Groove like Paul McCartney or slap like Flea – the bass guitarist controls the movement of the entire band. Often mistakenly seen as a guitar with fewer strings, playing bass takes an entire skill of its own.

Perhaps the best thing about playing bass guitar is that you are the link between drums, guitar and vocals, and therefore indispensable in a band! You will get lessons with us on an electric bass guitar and you can play on different amplifiers. You will learn how to play bass to your favorite songs and, based on your favorite music, you will learn about music theory.

We work towards your performance on stage during Muziekschool Rijswijk Live! Do you want to play a bass solo, storm the stage with your teacher or do you want to perform with a whole band? We'll make sure that your stage dream comes true.

Our bass lessons

  • Private bass classes every week vanaf €67,- per maand
  • Learn to play the music that you like
  • Focus on your personal music goals
  • Possible to combine with bandcoaching
  • Free trial lesson

Our bass teachers

Eager to learn to play bass? Request a trial lesson and meet your teacher. It is completely free.

Practice your guitar playing

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