Guitar lessons

Strike a sensitive chord or turn up the amp a little louder. Learn to get everything out of the sound box. Acoustic, electric and bass guitar, they each have their own charm.

All chords of every song ever can be found on the internet. But if you want to be able to play the guitar in complete freedom, write your own songs and know more about the chord shapes and the theory, you need someone who can teach you well.

Yes, you can turn up that amplifier even louder with us. And play the strings even more sensitive. We help you write your own music, we still do that ourselves. Once you've found a song you like, we'll figure out how to play it together. And the best part: you can play it live on our stage!

Michel 7-m

Our guitar classes

  • Learn to play acoustic or electric guitar
  • Play the songs that you like and want to learn
  • Learn by doing, use music theory as support
  • Work on your personal goals in individual classes or try the guitar in musicmatch
  • Privéles vanaf €71,- per maand, check all the rates
  • Possibility to move on to bandcoaching
  • Free trial lesson

Our guitar teachers

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Practice your guitar playing

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